Electric Zine Maker

What is the Electric Zine Maker? It’s a piece of cool and quirky software to make mini zines. Mini zines are made using one sheet of paper and cut and folded to make a small booklet. Electric Zine Maker, altho digital, has cool features to make it look like the cut and paste job of zines’ past! So cool!

Get your maker here at: https://alienmelon.itch.io/electric-zine-maker

Follow the potato to make zines.

You can draw or typeset directly in the app.

Many cool effects are included in the app.

‘Smooshing’ and blurring is one of many options to give your zine a cool look.

Glass effect is one of the weird and wacky stuff you can use to manipulate your images.

Once saved as PNG of PDF, you print and cut out your zine and fold into a booklet. Here are some finished examples!

What a cool way to make zines digitally! This is like the Photoshop of zine making!

As with any software, it could use more templates and improvements. The only glitch I’ve encountered was the companion software to make the zine readable online. The page turning effects didn’t work for high end browsers, namely the new version of Chrome.

I really like this zine maker. The first time I came across a mini zine was for National Poetry Month in 2004 and soon found mini comics in that format.

So far I enjoy this software and want to get back to making zines.

Have fun and get to creating!