Fusion Standard is free until August 31. Go to to download your copy.

Installing Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard is easy! You must have an online connection to download the program and start the install.

The install program requires an online registration. You can install it and re-install it a limited number of times. In theory the maximum number of installation should not be reached, but if so, please contact Clickteam in case that happens. Make sure you have your registration code.

Starting out
While installing Fusion Standard, the first screen will display a note by Clickteam.

clickteam install screen

Read the license agreement. If you agree with the terms and conditions, then continue to install the software.

clickteam install screen license

The next screen will ask for your registration code.

clickteam install registration

Choose the directory you want to install in (for Windows, it’ll default to C:\Program Files). Then the program will register online.

clickteam install registration2

If you can’t go online to register, click Manual Registration so you can generate a code to register online later.

Once registered, it may have to update.

clickteam update

You have to be online for the update to register, otherwise it’ll fail.

Once updated, time to make games!!

Be aware that this software expires soon!

You can make fully fledged games for Windows and HTML5. So let’s get started!